How to become a web developer?

If you are passionate about website developing, coding and love to create new websites, you need to think about taking web development as a career. Once you learn and master the stream, you can easily get hired by a top web design and development company in Chennai or even from any part of the world. Before getting in brief about the job opportunities, it is important to the duties and responsibilities of a web developer.

A web developer plays an important part in creating and designing websites. The developer is also responsible for managing the site and technical aspects of the site like its capacity and performance. They measure the speed of website and determine traffic it can handle. Additionally, the website developers also help in creating contents for the website.

Responsibilities of web developers:

The duties of a successful web developer include the following:

  • Monitor and manage website traffic
  • Integrate video, audio, and graphics into the website
  • Work with website designers and graphic designers to find out the layout of website
  • Work with team members to find out the information on the website
  • Writing code for website by utilizing programming languages like XML or HTML
  • Develop and trial applications for the website
  • Meet with management and client to find out the design and requirements of the website

While developing a website, the developers should ensure to bring their client’s dream into reality. It is important for web developers to remain experienced in creating various kinds of websites like gaming sites, news sites, e-commerce and more which suits the client’s requirements. Different kinds of website would need various applications. When developing a gaming site, they should ensure that it can tackle advanced graphics. In the same way, when developing e-commerce site, it should have payment processing application. It is the duty of the developer to decide the designs and applications that suit the website.
Certain developers manage all the features of website’s construction, while some developers specialize in particular section.

Backend website developers: They are responsible for the complete technical construction. They develop site’s basic framework and makes sure it functions as expected.

Frontend website developers: They are responsible for appearance and looks of the website. They manage layout of the site and integrate applications and graphics and also content.

Webmasters: The webmasters maintain the website and ensure to keep it updated. Moreover, they check whether the website is functioning properly and also look for errors like broken links. They also respond to comments on the website.

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