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Web Applications

Recently like most other business, the e-business has witnessed an incredible expansion. Most of the business house has jumped into the World Wide Web to get some space for them. To get business into the World Wide Web it is very essential to develop a compatible web structure.

In the contemporary times, there are many amazing web application available such as the Flickr and Google Maps, which were not available earlier. Even you can do the same kind of elements for your websites; all you need to know is some of the web development programs through which these web developments were made possible. Many complicated code is present in “Ajax style” web functions, but most of these complicated code has been solved. There are JavaScript libraries, which give most of the function of the Ajax or the DOM scripting.

The Application Programming Interfaces, or the APIs, provide you the facility to transfer complex web applications such as the Flickr and Google Maps to your website. Web services such as the YouTube and the Flickr provides you with all the necessary aspect that needs to retrieve and store all you media such as the video, music and images without worrying about the file naming and the bandwidth issues. To develop a productive web site that is productive all you need to do is out together all the functionalities of Ajax and Dom Scripting responsibly and productively.

Web Design Vs. Web Development 

Web design and web development are often confused by people and Internet users. They are entirely different, and the role of web designers and web developers also vary. There are various web design and development companies offering quality web design and development services for people.

The following article lists the difference between web design and web development.

Web Design-What You See
Web design is nothing but how the website looks on the Internet. It is a layout for your website so that you would know how your website would look. It is similar to the plan you create for your house before construction. Web designing is a challenging task as there are several aspects to be considered during the design. Seamless user experience, capturing user interest, compatibility with various devices are some of the factors to be considered during web design. Web designers strive hard to make your website look interesting, attractive and innovative.

Web Development- Live Website
Web development is nothing but the process of transforming the web design into a live website. Web developers make use of various languages, software, and tools to develop websites. The common Languages used for web development are HTML and CSS and JS. They work on including multiple functionalities of your website. The front end of the website and it is made workable during the web development process.

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