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Using the alexa toolbar to improve readership and income

If you’re looking to build a strong readership, gain Page Rank (PR) and monetize your blog, the Alexa tool bar is a solid way to gauge your reach, and can open many windows of opportunity when it comes to getting paid advertising on your site. If you build your blog

How Can Technology Assist You In Recruiting The Right People?

Covid came, saw, and was unable to conquer, yet he did alter the course of events. It altered our lives and work patterns in a variety of ways, some beneficial and others detrimental. A year ago, organizations faced a choice between aggressively using technology in human resources and recruitment or

A Business Woman Working As A Web Designer In An Office.

Is Web Designing A Great Career Choice?

All About Web Designing With the advent of digitisation, there is an increase in demand for quality websites. It is now a norm that every company requires a website to reach out to their customers online. Regardless of the type of industry, web designers must create stunning websites that attract

Write now edit later – blogging tips

When you own and operate a blog or blogs, efficiency is crucial. How will you maximize the way you write for your blog? Right now, we’ll approach some ideas. Don’t Interrupt the Flow The value of great content has been harped on for some time. When you write posts for

WP Themes – Bringing you worldclass look for your blogs

Top WP Themes is soon becoming a popular destination for people to find the best free wordpress themes and wordpress templates for their blogs. Bloggers have a wide variety to choose from the various categories listed. Top WP Themes has over 90 themes and ads on more everyday. You could