Popular Web Development Software of 2018

There are several web development software and most people get confused which one to select for their website. Moreover, some find hard and think of how to start the web development project for their business. It is suggested to get in touch with web development professionals experienced in offering responsive website design in Chennai. The professionals use the latest technology to develop a good looking and fully functional website using the right design software or web development software. Here listing top web development software that was popular in 2018.

Latest tools used by the top web design and development company in Chennai


It is well known that WordPress is the most famous website development platform because of various features and functionalities. It was established in PHP language. The WP support to construct the website on the own server using PHP/MySQL database. Being one of the top web development tools, WP is also used as Content Management System or CMS to develop a commercial website. Some of the features include co-authoring with numerous authors, the WYSIWYG text editor, member login and registration, Pingback/trackback, static page, permalinks enhanced for search engines.

Important features:

  • Robust community support. It has thousands of developers reviewing and contributing WP, active and safe.
  • SEO friendly and optimized for high SERP.
  • It is free to use various themes and site templates.
  • It has numerous third party plugins which are powerful, flexible and offers expanded features.
  • It is simple to get started with WordPress as it is easy to install. It comes with numerous website building tools.


It is preferred by both designers and developers as it is an all-encompassing design tool. Mockplus is often used to develop smarter, easier and faster website prototypes using simple drag and drop feature. It supports even desktop and mobile apps prototyping. It works on a single mission to help users concentrate on design instead of a tool. The software provides numerous incomparable features and thus makes website development and design simple.

Important features:

  • It has about 3000 readymade components and 200 icons for rapid prototyping.
  • Apart from offering features to enhance the design efficiency, it also has features for creating repetitive webpage layouts and elements like Paste Style, Format Painter, Auto Data Fill,and Repeater.
  • The best form to test and preview your website development project includes: publish to offline and online HTML, exporting to demo package, export to image, view the website on a mobile app with the help of QR code, etc.
  • The UI flow design and MindMapfeature help in reflecting design ideas and also design the project structure.

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