Popular Online Tools For Web Design

The world is so fast that businesses are trying to do something distinct to attract the potential customers and audiences. This is the reason why companies are striving hard to create an attractive and unique website. If you are a startup, then you would have a limited budget and you may not be able to hire a professional web designer or developer. Trying to learn and create web design on your own with photoshop can be very time consuming and tiring. There are many online tools for design on the Internet. These tools allow you develop a website without any training.

In this article, we will look into some of the popular tools for web designing. Canva is an online tool, which allows you to create logo, presentations, invitations, social media posts, business cards and many more. This online platform contains various options and pre-designed layout, which allows you create presentations with simple drag, drop and minimal work. This tool is available for both free and price. The paid version offers the users to access all the features.

BeFunky, a cool online tool, allows you to edit photos, make a collage and design graphics. The speciality of this online tool is that offers tutorials and tips, which help you learn to create bigger designs and graphics.

Snappa is a tool for creative marketing. This tool can be used for making various graphics. Placeit tool offers thousands of stock photos for iPhones and other devices.

Pablo is an easy-to-use tool that contains just three main elements – a picture gallery, a graphic content area and customization tab.

Recite this is an amazing tool for making splendid quote images, which are great to use in blogs and social media posts. All that you have to do is just paste the quote in your favourite template.

Tiff tool is designed to help discover the ideal font. It makes it easy for you to detect the contrast and difference between the two fonts through layering. This tool support fonts from Google Fonts library and any other system fonts.

Pictaculous is a web-based tool for palette generator. This tool will create the right color palette, based on the photograph and image that you have uploaded. This tool greatly helps you when you want to know the ideal color to use on your new design.

ColorZilla online tool can be greatly helpful when you want to find the HEX code a particular color. This tool can also help you find the DOM elements color.

Piktochart is a tool that lets you create amazing infographics. This tool has more than 500 free templates and also let you create printables and presentations.

Infogr.am is another cool tool for creating infographics. This tool allows you develop number of interactive visuals than those discussed earlier. This tool also let you add videos to your infographics.

PicMonkey tool can be great for photo editing. This tool has features that are similar to Canva, but the former is very simple. This tool allows you create extraordinary designs and collage.

Pixlr is an online-based photo editing tool that comes with more than 500 visual effects, borders and overlays. This is already popular because it is available as iOS and Android app. This tool can be accessed for free when used as an online tool.

CreateBrief is a tool that you help you design brief. This tool provides a lot of free design brief templates.

Tinkercad design is made for creating 3D graphics and design online. This tool allows you make a design by selecting the shapes and adjusting the same to develop the design of your imagination.

Easel.ly is developed to help people, who want to create amazing infographics. This tool is loaded with many pre-loaded templates that let you create infographics from scratch without any technical knowledge.

Adobe Spark is a graphic design app that lets you create social media graphics, animated videos, and landing pages for the website.

More online tools are getting released every now and then. Make sure to check the Internet to find details about the newly released tools. Before using the tool for the first time, you should read the reviews from experts and other users. This will help you avoid wasting time on trying the app unnecessarily. By using the ideal online tool, you can save your money and time, while meeting your web design needs.

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