Benefits Of Taking Mock Online Tests

Why take Mock Tests before the Final Exam in IAS Coaching Centres?

Online tests have become the norm these days for getting admission to prestigious colleges and different programs. It is essential that students try their hand at different online mock tests to make sure that they get the hang of it. Many students till this point in time have only attempted traditional pen and paper tests, making online tests a novelty for them. Mock online tests enable them to get over their fear and attempt the test to the best of their ability. In fact, many Top IAS coaching centres make it mandatory for their students to sit through mock tests during their preparation for upcoming exams. According to the experts at, students who have faced online trial tests ahead of the actual online exam tend to perform better.

Benefits of Taking Online Practice Tests

Benefits of Taking Online Practice Tests· Practise Different Kinds Of Questions
The IAS Prelims paper is filled with many fact-based questions that require you to think and reason before answering them. Paper 2 consists of plenty of numerical questions as well to test your ability in handling maths. In fact, some questions also have different sub questions, making it necessary for candidates to think well before answering. Attempting plenty of mock tests online enables students to find out how they would fare at the real exam. It also gives them exposure to the different kinds of questions they will come to face with at the IAS Prelims.

· Master Time Management Skills
Every student needs to master time management skills f they plan on succeeding in any exam. Since most exams consist of plenty of questions that need to be answered within a short period of time, it is understood that the students need to learn how to use their time effectively. Although every question is important students need to know how to decide when to move on to the next question when they get stumped by a difficult question. Attempting plenty of mock tests will give students more exposure to different questions, thereby reducing their chances of being thrown by a surprise question. It also teaches them how to use their time well during the exam.Time Management Skills that Every Student Should Know

· Priority To Important Topics
By attempting plenty of mock tests, students will understand which topics need to be given more importance while preparing for the exams. Although the syllabus for every exam is outlined clearly, some topics tend to be more important than others. Students need to cover these topics in detail in order to ace the exam successfully.

· Stay Confident
By attempting plenty of mock tests ahead of the actual examination, students will be able to see a surge in their confidence. This plays a huge role in answering the paper during the actual exam. In fact, confidence plays a huge role in every student’s life. It also teaches students to deal with anxiety during exams. At the end of the day, students need to be well prepared with the topics to be able to succeed on the exams they are attempting.

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