Webpage design for novice

Creating a web page can seem like a daunting task. If you have never attempted to create a web page before, you might take one look at the incomprehensible mess of HTML code available and give upóand who could blame you? Luckily for you, there are many ways to create a web page without the frustration, confusion, and hassle of HTML code. There are many online services that can help the novice with web page design. Many of these, such as Bravenet, Wetpaint, and America On Line have preset templates that a user can choose from and customize. Whether you are interested in a single page that can be updated with recent pictures, links, and text about recent events or interests, or if you want a web site with several pages that are each dedicated to a specific topic, these pre-made web page designs are an excellent place to start.

These templates are also highly customizable. You can add photos, images, and graphics in set areas, and are free to type in whatever text you like. Depending on the number of pages the template allows you to have, you can also create an individual web page for each separate topic. For instance, you can have one page of vacation pictures, and another that is all about training your new puppy, and a third with links to your favorite blogs and web sites. Designing your own web page to show your individual interests is very easy with these web page templates. Best of all, no knowledge of HTML code is required to get your web page up and running online. If, however, you are familiar with HTML code, you can still use these preset web page designs. Many of them offer two ways to customize your new web pageóa drag-and-click interface which is the most simple, or by modifying the HTML code of the preset web page design.

While the drag-and-click method is by far the easiest for beginners, the HTML interface allows you the maximum customization of your web page. If you know how to do it, you can change the background colors, the font, or the order in which photos and text appear on the web page. This is only a small sample of the modifications you can make by altering the HTML code. Some of the keys to good web page design are the same for the novice and the professional alike. Basically, creating a web page that is clear and easy to readóstrange font on a busy background, while fun, is difficult to readóis the biggest key to creating a popular web site. With that in mind, adjusting the preset web templates will give you a web page that you are proud to call your own.

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