Web hosting for dummies

What is web hosting and why do you need it to establish an online presence? In simple terms, web hosting refers to having your website stored in a remote computer called a server so that it can be accessible to the entire world at any given time. Web servers typically offer the space at a fee and sometimes for free once you have registered a domain name for your website. When you finally decide to launch your website online, it would be wise to know which web host to go with since they are not all the same. The hosting can be provided by a specialized web hosting company or by your internet Service Provider. This article, which is part of a whole series of others, gives you a comprehensive idea of what web hosting is and how to go about choosing your web host. You will also gain insightful knowledge to help you decide whether you have to move your website from one host to another.

But first, a brief background on the workings of the internet and how the concept of web servers and clients work to make it all possible. All computers in the internet are interconnected via a network called the World Wide Web. Through this network, the computers are able to communicate with each other using a protocol known as HTTP. Once a client computer makes a request for a file, the request is received by the server where the particular web document is located and this server in turn sends that particular file to the web client. All this happens through a set of instructions that only a web browser can decipher. A web browser is a client computer program which interprets instructions from the web servers.

Examples include Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera browser and Google chrome. These instructions are usually coded in a special language that only the browsers can interpret. The most popular browser is Mozilla Firefox. By visiting this site, you will learn everything you need to know about free hosting and paid hosting and why you should never make a rush decision when it comes to web hosting. Commercial websites with large amounts of traffic normally utilize a lot of bandwidth and are invariably hosted at a fee. To host your website, you will need sufficient knowledge to enable you find the right solution which will go a long way in determining the success of your website. We have tons of answers here and we offer them at no charge!

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