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As a graphic designer we often have difficulties to find the right solution for our design problem, especially for a beginner who just engaged in the world of graphic design. certainly they have many difficulties to solve their design problems, well this time you’re lucky if you’re reading this article, because here I will try to help you to find the solution of your design problems.

1. Restate And Write A Problem With Your Words. You must restate the problem or goal with your own words. This step requires you to understand the purpose or design problem. Believe that if you do not know the problem or goal then your design solution will never be right on target. Therefore, grab your pen and paper to write your goal or problem and let it remain visible by you, and use it as guidance to work, so you will continue to focus in a single destination to find solutions of your design problems.

2. You Need A Research Do not ever think that without a research you can find the right solution and you can count on, especially you are a beginner, even a professional take a lot of time to do research in order find the solution of design problems. So after you set your goals immediately go somewhere that is right for your research, if you need a lot of references about to your topic, go to the library, search and read as many books that match to your topic, and find as much information on the Internet for get inspiration from the photographs and images, to expand your design material. With this research, you will get many ideas from the collection of art reproductions, photographs, advertising, graphics, images, illustrations, that all of which will complete your ideas, and for beginners this is a step to look for experience. After you do some research you will find many problems that are happening, and you must remove it from your head. Make those ideas get in your mind. and obviously you need a sketch, to simplify the process of finding the solutions of your design problems. Keep in mind that all sources of research, either books or the internet is a source of inspiration and it is not to be copied.

3. Take A Pencil Let’s Start Thinking, And Draw Sketch Designing a design is not enough just to sit and think. You need sketch that will begin to guide you towards a design that you are headed, a picture or sketch will lead you into another sketch, do not be concerned about your image is good or bad because it’s just a sketch. draw simple sketch, which you can create quickly, and a preliminary rough sketch of your idea. draw sketch as much as possible and never would you rate your sketch at this step because it can be destroy the power of your creative ideas, keep your simple sketches because it will lead you to think visually.

4. Choose The Best Sketch And Transfer To A Rough Image. Rough image, allowing you to visualize sketch into a more realistic image, at this step you have to refine and enlarge or clarify the sketch that you have created and begin to show the elements of graphic design. Rough image allows you to try ideas, techniques, methods, color, and equipment. If you can not move a sketch that you choose to rough image then you are required to re-draw a sketch until you can, visualize into the rough image.

5. Choose The Best Rough Image, And Let’s Draw The Real in this last step, obviously you have to choose the best rough image, that you have created and move it into the real image and more comprehensive. A comprehensive image is the real realization the detailed image, from the design of letters, photographs, illustrations and layout made ??very close to the real product. Then it will realize an accurate impression on the printout. Comprehensive image is important because it is your solution to the problem of design, and it is often called the “blueprint” by the printers. That was the 5 steps to find a solution of design problems for beginners, and I hope this helps you to easily find the solutions for your design problems, don’t forget to subscribe on this blog by the enter your email in the subscription box.

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