Unified Solution To Managing Training Institute

The success of a training institute depends on the performance of its students. Constant monitoring and reporting can help in identifying the flaws at an early stage. A CRM that is capable of managing student details, faculty information, accounts, enquiry details, payments, fee information, student performance records, certifications and more in an easy and user-friendly format is what every training institute wants. In our endeavour we were assisted by prominent software developers like Wondersoft, Center Manage and Eduzilla to strengthen our student database and management system. We also take advice from www.businesszone.co.uk, an independent community for growing business owners.

We use fully customised and scalable training management system. Our system is designed to meet the needs of our course curriculum and student management. There are three crucial modes that are addressed, trainee, faculty and administrator module. There are simple and flexible features that make it easier for us to management information. The software gives us 24/7 access to the ERP irrespective of the location. Using the internet, we can access the database on our computer or mobile. The convenience and ease at which the software operates gives relief from the day to day chores handled by our faculty and administrative staff.

The software is flexible with over 500 customization requests and still counting. The good news is no customization fee was charged in most cases giving us true value for money. The software we procured is from big companies that comes with a long-standing reputation in the field. The software is tested in varied conditions and has proved to be successful in all aspects every a year after its installation. The software is built smart and has proven track record as being used in more than 500 institutes across the country.

What makes the software effective is the zero hidden charges and non-intrusive license fee. The unlimited staff and student usage give versatility to the software. Support is instant, and there are no hassles of downtime. Another advantage is that the software can be integrated with our website at just a few clicks of the mouse button.

Security features are world class with secure login access control to your account. Restricted access for specific users and a tab on multiple users through IP login can be configured. The enquiry management software is capable of generating reports branch wise on student information, enquiry details, lead converts giving the marketing team a sigh of relief. The privacy issue is also addressed and all the data is held safe and secure.

The star attraction of the software is its function as a job portal. Recruiters are given access to list their jobs and are made visible to the students. Starting from enquiry, admission process, enrollment, students record, fee management, real-time reporting, reminders, accounts management, course management, batch management, staff login, student login, attendance, faculty management, alumni network, reporting, certificate printing, brochure management, exam schedule, parent login, email and SMS, live chat, notice board, mini job portal, students notes, access control, tests, auto backup and results, all the process is automated making it convenient to run the institute.


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    The use of technology is essential to manage a training institute.

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    The software solutions offered by them were of great use for our business.

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    They have experienced trainers and tutors to handle the training classes

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    The customised training management system is capable of managing the entire training institute.

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    They offered us with a scalable training mangement system for our training insitiute which was very useful.

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