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Business Forms and Templates Assistant The NEW 5th Edition Forms & Templates for the Virtual Assistant BusinessTM, (RELEASED JUNE 2007!) a component of Elite Small Business Startup Essentials SeriesTM, is designed specifically for your startup Virtual Assistant Service Business, will give your business a boost without having to spend all the time and/or research finding the forms you need to start business today! What is a virtual assistant service business? A virtual assistant service business is a small business operated usually from a home office or small office, operated by someone who has a business background (ranging from secretarial and office support, medical or other transcription to paralegal services, etc.) If you are new to the world of virtual business and would like to read a more in-depth description of virtual business,.

Based on feedback from purchasers around the world, this time around, I have reviewed and upgraded all of the forms, adding several NEW FORMS (Virtual Assistant Business Plan & Marketing Analysis to name just a couple) and a FREE 5-page Standards Compliant XHTML/CSS Web TEMPLATE!! This comprehensive collection of business forms, samples and templates are forms I developed to organize my home office. I found that if I could maintain organization with my paperwork and in my home space, I was incredibly more successful in managing my time, resulting in MANY MORE BILLABLE HOURS!! With more than 20 years of professional administrative background, it occurred to me that it would be great if I could share some of that experience and know-how with startup home-based small businesses.

My goal is to help you be as successful in business as you can, helping to keep you organized and not have to reinvent the wheel when I’ve already invented that wheel through my own experiences and also am giving them to you at a reasonable price! Note that this e-book is not a HOW-TO book and will not make you an overnight business success like many of the hyped-up sites claim that are out there offering you success with little to no experience or effort on your part. Those programs are not reality and it is a rare person that actually ends up being a success as a result of too-good-to-be-true miracle business kits. This e-book is for the savvy entrepreneur businessperson who knows how much time is involved in business setup and organization and wants to save themselves hours and hours and hours of time creating forms and templates for organizing your own office, your client information, account management tools, marketing materials, etc. that will help them stay organized and more efficient in their business, resulting in MORE BILLABLE HOURS and LESS NON-BILLABLE HOURS creating and preparing their own materials.

Based upon my research, the market value of the forms, templates and business startup advice and resources located in this e-book are valued at well over $500!! This e-book contains over 45 easy-to-use templates and sample forms utilizing primarily Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Publisher, including: Business Planning Documents (Business Plan, Market Analysis, Organization Plan & more)Client Intake Forms, Agreement Samples, including Retainer Agreement SampleLetterhead packs (letterhead, fax & envelope) – 2 packsSample Business Letters for the crucial operations of your business, including Letter of Intro, Collection Letter, etc.General Organization Forms & Templates for everyday office use keeping your home office completely organized! Marketing Templates, including brochures, flyers, & more!

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