Latest Job Trends In The IT Industry: Are You Ready?

The job market is highly competitive and upgrading to the latest skills can help take an upward leap in your career graph. Aspiring professionals always look for alternative skills to give their career a boost. In this regard, skill development centers are churning out new courses to raise the employability rate of the candidate. With fast paced business and technology changes candidates are confronted with a plethora of course. Among them, the most popular courses include Web development, SAP-ERP, Salesforce Service Cloud Consulant – Certification Training, computer networking, big data, ethical hacking and much more. Social media and digital marketing is also listed in as the latest trends in the tech industry.

Role of IT industry in job market
The IT industry plays a vital role in the job market, employing over 13 million people and evidently 7 out of the 10 courses offered online are tech-based. This goes to prove the importance given to technology and the challenges that lay in finding the right talent. Learner finds online courses to be more affordable and as a convenient means to stand tall among the competitors. However, an additional certification can give an edge over competitors.

Web Hosting services are a necessity
Web hosting is a very dynamic arena, and several associated courses are needed to strengthen a potential candidate’s skills. As such, it would be wise to keep an eye on the other sectors, so as to keep abreast of the changes as and when they occur. A strong technical base is essential for those wishing to make a mark in this field.

One of the most popular tactics employed is to earn additional certifications like Linux, Microsoft, etc. as these can endow the learner with massive amounts of technical inputs. It can also prepare them to take on additional roles. There is no doubt that the demand for a software developer is high and the ratio is 1:20 in the US. Over the recent years, the demand for data analytics has also risen with big data and IoT taking the front seat. The demand for marketing managers in tech companies are on the rise and the job description comes with knowledge of digital consumer marketing and advertising. The users navigate new marketing channel and the marketing managers have to acquire the skills to keep abreast with the latest in the field.

The trends in the tech industry show that everything revolves around data, yes data analysis is the top skill to look forward this year. Not far behind in coding, as the talent is hard to find. Some of the skills to add include Java, SQL, C# and web development languages. Other areas of growth include project management, software development, and information security. The market is flooded with talented professionals and the industry is ready to grab the talent with both hands. The salaries are competitive and are growing by the day. There is plenty of scope for diverse skills in the industry. IT professionals can look for growth if they keep abreast with the latest in the field. Any day a certification is invaluable and can help move up the ladder quick.

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Latest Job Trends In The IT Industry: Are You Ready?
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